The Muse


Gotta let some of this creativity out or else it’ll just rot inside. Well here I am trying to get back into my sketching. It has been a while since I last took out the materials. As a matter of fact, here’s my drawing table that I re-purposed for my PC.

drafting table pc

Yea, this sort of thing comes and goes for me, so I figured I’d use the space for something I use all the time for lol. Did that piece up top for about three hours. And it wasn’t easy with my sketchbook resting on my lap the whole time. And considering I’m no pro, I have to say that’s probably the best work I’ve ever done. All thanks to the muse 😉 Didn’t want to mess her up.

I do hope to make more as time goes by. And if I had to learn one thing about this venture is that I may need to get myself a dedicated computer table 😀